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Portfolio Category: Families & Relationships

Other Problems

We can help with many problems and emergency situations including: Refusal of applications, Appeals to the Upper & First-Tier Tribunal's Immigration & Asylum Chamber, Judicial Review. Arrest, Detention, & Bail. Welfare Benefits, Social Services, & Employment Rights for migrants. Illegal Entry & Overstaying. Regularisation of status. Problems and complaints about unscrupulous representatives.
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Extending stay in the U.K.

For those here temporarily we can advise on extending Leave to Enter & Remain, obtaining Settlement here, or returning to the U.K. in the future, and help with any necessary applications, including as, Visitors (including business visitors, and private medical patients). Temporary Workers, Highly Skilled migrants: Tiers 1, 2, 4 and 5. Long Term U.K. Residents &…
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