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ABOUT Paul Ward

Immigration, Nationality and Refugee law Solicitor

Paul Ward, Immigration Solicitors

Our team has over 30 years’ experience of offering specialist advice & representation in all types of Immigration, Nationality & Refugee law.

We use our experience and training to ensure that our clients fully understand their status and the requirements of the law. We work quickly and effectively, applying the highest standards in our casework and representation, and following best practice guidance. We work with other organisations to reform immigration law and defend the rights of refugees and migrants.

Specialist Solicitor

over 25 years experience of providing advice, representation and advocacy on all aspects of Immigration, Nationality and Refugee law.

Lecturer in law

I lecture in law at a number of UK universities & colleges, provide training to organisations operating in these fields

Expert Commentator

I produce commentaries on migration and refugee issues for local and national print, radio and television media.

Paul Ward

Immigration Lawyer, Brighton
Human Rights lawyer & Solicitor specialising in Immigration, Nationality, & Refugee law